Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I had another 7:00 am store meeting yesterday. Wasn't a good time, especially since I had to work Friday night and didn't get home until 11:!5. Then we went to Applebee's for dinner, so neither one of us was in bed before 1:30.

I had the alarm set but slept through it. I woke up at 6:20. So we both had to rush to shower and get ready in half an hour. We made it to the store, right at 7:00. We have another one next Saturday, too. There's just something not right about going in for a meeting that early, three weeks in a row.

Other than that, Lynn's working now. He gets off at 6:00. I go in at 3:00 and work until close. Now that he has been at the store for a few weeks, I'm starting to hear some of the background talk. There are quite a few people at the store who are very impressed with him. They put him in the tech area so we could complement each other. The feeling was, if they had two very technically strong people working in sales and tech, we could bring the departments together and end a lot of the animosity between the two.

After two years of bitching about how stupid some of these people are, he is now seeing it first hand. He always thought I was exaggerating. Every day he comes home and has another story of the things that are happening. He's also quite surprised that he is considered the smartest person in the tech bay. People who have been working there for a lot longer are coming up to him and asking him questions about how to do stuff. He actually had a customer ask him if he was the supervisor, since everyone kept coming over questions. He told her no, he was brand new and had only a couple of weeks ago.

But I know how he feels. There are times when I feel like the "Shell Answer Man". No matter what I'm doing, I will have at least a half dozen questions put to me, every time I work. It's kind of funny, and customers sometimes get a funny look when I'm constantly being interrupted, but it also gets annoying at times.

We had our fake audit at the day job on Monday. With all that is going on, we didn't have our review meeting until Friday morning. The auditor found 9 issues that needed to be corrected. Several of them are in the documentation. One was the fact we have had an internal audit of the entire system or a review meeting. Both of these items must be completed if we are going to pass the real audit in December.

Ok, so 7 of the 9 items were given to me to complete. And I had to do some stuff on the 8th in order for the others to do what they need to do. So, Friday was spent trying to get my 7+ things done, so they can start auditing on Monday. Of course, they said they would try and have all of their audits done by November 25, which means I than have about a day to review all the findings and issue the reports.

Even though I have a month of vacation available, it's looking like I won't be able to take much of it at all. Next week is out, as is the week of Thanksgiving. And the first two weeks of December. Normally I take the month of December off, I guess I won't have that luxury this year.

Oh well, Friday was payday, so I have to pay all my bills for the month. Even after all these years, it's still a pain getting only one check a month. Of course, working at the store helps, since they pay every other week. But it's a small amount, mostly just extra spending money.
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