Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

No phone yet. I went by at lunch yesterday. First off, the guy was a moron. There was already a guy there, in front of me. He was getting his phone repaired. He walked away from the window, since the guy was working on his phone and he needed to make a call. So I step up to the window. The repairman wouldn't even acknowledge that I was there. He was determined to finish the one he was working on, before even looking up at the next customer.

So, now it's my turn. I hand him the phone and tell him I need a new antenna. He looks at it and says he's out of the bushings he needs to repair. But they're on order and should have been in on Friday. He's hoping they'd be in either yesterday or today. But he didn't know for sure. But he'd give me the number so I could call in every few days to see if the parts were there yet.

I just looked at him for a few seconds. And then asked if I could just leave the phone and he could fix it when they arrived? He gave this surprised look and oh yeah, sure you can. I mean, why do I want to carry the phone around with me? I can't use it until it's repaired. It's better that it's sitting there waiting when the parts arrive rather than me having to keep calling in, and then take it back. Jeesh.

Had a strange/funny experience Friday night. I subscribe to some of the PlanetOut.com newsletters. Yeah, I know, just someone to send crap to fill my inbox. I was reading through the snippets on Friday, from the PlanetOutThisWeekend email. And there was one in there that intrigued me. It was from one of their advice columns from someone asking advice about roommates who aren't sex partners, but everyone assumes they are.

This sounded interesting since it's similar to the situation that Lynn and I have. We've been roommates for 5 years, but when we go out, and most of our friends and family, have all questioned if we're "really" sleeping together.

So I'm reading through this and it sounds exactly like us. It's even signed from Roomies in Missouri. So, the first thing I think is, that's strange, why would Lynn write an advice column. So I ash him about it. He says he doesn't know anything at all about it and why would I assume he wrote it. I told him it just seemed too coincidental. Next question was, where are they? And are they both looking for dates?

Well, the holiday season has officially begun. The store started extended hours this week. So instead of getting home around 10:30 or 11:00, I got home at 12:15 this morning. And we're stocking up for the merchandising blitz with 4 trucks a week instead of only 2. I just love this time of year. And the icing on the cake.......there is a slight chance of .......

CAUTION: Four letter word ahead, read at your own risk

snow this week.
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