Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I did some running today. Picked up food for Baby. Stocked up on after Halloween sale candy. Made a couple of Starbuck's runs. The cute boy was back at work after being off for a couple of weeks. He's one of those, you like to have him with your coffee, and there's something about him that makes you wonder if he'd be willing. And then he makes comments about his girlfriend.

Made out bills this evening and need to run them by the post office. We'll probably do that when we head out to dinner. I also brought some work home, that I should be working on, but haven't pulled out of my bag yet. And tomorrow is looking pretty shot, since I'm working at the store from 1 to close and then may have to run down to Dr. D's to install some more software. That is, unless Lynn goes down while I'm at work. He's working tomorrow too, but he's opening and gets off at 4.

I'll just have to see how things go, I guess.

I also started up the webcam this evening and have just let it run while I've been writing checks. I'm sure if anyone stopped by, they were just thrilled with all of the action. :)

And I've also been bad. Keep checking in on Brandon. It's such a thrill seeing him laying there on the couch. I'd love to be laying there with him. Actually I suppose I shouldn't admit that here, should I? He's just so cute.

I don't know if I'll log onto ICUII later or not. I should go to bed when we get back from dinner, since I have to work tomorrow, but...... It will depend on how I feel when we get home.
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