Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, Lynn had his orientation at the store on Sunday. He'd been told it would last about 2 hours, instead it was 5. This was after we'd both stayed up most of the night working on canning some of the fruit he has sitting there. (I ended up going to bed at 7:30, he stayed up until almost 10. He had to be at the store at noon.)

I went to mom's for the normal Sunday lunch. And after we both got home, we had to run down to Dr. D's to install his new DVD burner. He's been video taping his lectures and now wants to transfer them to DVD for all of the conference attendees. Of course, that should have only taken about an hour, but we noticed he hadn't run all of his XP security updates. We left it running, after waiting for almost an hour. Just told him to reboot when it was done.

This is another week of me working from ~8:00 to ~ 11:00, Monday through Friday. I asked about that at the store and was told they had a new person doing the schedules. I admit, having the weekends off is nice, but 15 hours days, five days in a row gets to be a bit much. Especially with not getting to bed until, oh, let's see, this morning it was 1:15.
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