Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, so this is my favorite weekend of the year. When time is put back to normal. Why do they insist on screwing with the clocks. Yeah, I could see it a century ago, when electric lights weren't as prevalent, but nowadays?

This has been a very busy week. The boss was on vacation, which is nice, but had a ton of things going on. One of our corporate IT people in, this week. She was installing a new server and several workstations. About three months ago, they took corporate administrative privileges away from all of the remote site coordinators. Which makes it very difficult on us, since we can no longer set up all of the new PC's when they come.

I found out, when K* was in town, they also took those privileges away from all of the IT staff. Another knee jerk reaction to a fantasized terrorist threat. They have since been given partial administrative rights back. Some people don't realize how difficult they make jobs when they make these rash, unplanned decisions.

K* basically said, that she had every confidence I could have set up the server, and she knew I could install the new PC"s without her, if I had the rights. She was going to go back and make another plea to the PTB to reinstate those rights. They've already said, it's too expensive for her to make trips to all of the plants and install new PC's, but....

Lynn starts at his new job at the store, tomorrow. He'll be going in for orientation. It will be strange having him working there too. He'll be starting out working part time, but eventually hopes to go full time and get a supervisor or manager's position. He'll still be typing also, for the time being.

I'm off this weekend, which is nice. But I have a ton of stuff I need to be doing. Instead, I slept most of the day. Another one of those sinus headaches hit, and sleeping ended up being preferable to working.

I do need to get some stuff done though. I have to finish our intranet site before November 10th, when we will be audited by our outside registrar. I sent them the printed copy of the quality system documentation last week, but I know they'll want to see the electronic version when they visit. I was pissed when I started printing it out and discovered, I had made the pages too wide for printing and have to go back in and resize every page. That's 40 pages to resize and another 20 or so to write. So I know what I'll be doing for the next week.

That's about it for now. Lynn is in making more grape jelly tonight, so I'm going in the help him with that.
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