Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Still working

I'm still sitting here working on trying to get this quality manual and procedures written. I discovered I was stupid on Friday and forgot a couple of the things that were emailed to me. So those will have to wait until tomorrow, when I get the rest of the stuff. That is, if the others actually did complete their portions over the weekend.

Lynn started copying vinyl to disk again, but I've also been running downstairs to switch albums. Just got a message that the hard drive is full, so I'm copying files off to make space. It wouldn't be so bad, if it would actually put the temp files where I want them. I've only got 150 GB of free space, but it insists on putting them on the C: drive. So once it's done with the copy, I'll delete all the temp files and continue.

I've got ICUII running in the background, but as usual, no one has messaged me. Normally I have to go into one of the J/O rooms, to even get noticed. Unfortunately, I'm not always on here for cyber, so that pisses off the boys in those rooms.

Well, time to run downstairs and check on the other computer and then get back to work.
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