Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I really would like to know why it is, American business puts up with Microshit crap. And they all merrily jump on the bandwagon and go tra-la-laing down the path.

I had to bring work home this weekend, so I can get this project done by Tuesday. Of course, the others who are contributing wait until Friday to start giving me their stuff for inclusion. But it gets even better, some of it won't be available until Monday.

So I'm sitting here, trying to get this done, and Word has crashed on me 4 times in a row. This is pathetic.

And I still have to convert it to the web page after I have the Word version completed. The only good thing about that, I don't have to have the web site done by Tuesday, just by the end of the month. /rant

Other than that, this hasn't been too bad of a weekend.

I did discover a new DVD rental website. I'm currently on a 14 day trial. Although, it does look like there selection is a bit limited. But if they catch on, it might grow. I currently have 8 DVD's in my rental queue.

I also purchased DVDxCopy Platinum, this week. I'll have to see how good of a job it does duplicating DVD's. For backup and archival purposes only, of course. After all, I would never make unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. That would be a violation of the DMCA.*

*the preceding was a cya disclaimer.
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