Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Worked today, at the store. I finally bought Lynn's birthday present today. Yeah, I know, three days late. I think he was surprised. He kept telling me I shouldn't have. So I finally told him, fine, just admit you don't like it. He sheepishly admitted he did, but still insisted I shouldn't have.

He's in the kitchen canning more fruit. I've been working on some stuff I brought home from work. I've been procrastinating too long on this project and now have a deadline of 1 1/2 weeks to complete it. I've been typing for the last couple of hours, but I need to call it a night. I have to work at the store again tomorrow, or I should say later today.

We used the pressure cooker to fix dinner tonight. It actually turned out pretty good. Cooked a roast, sweet potatoes, and carrots in about 40 minutes. And it didn't taste that bad.

Oh well, bed is calling. My eyes are sitting at half mast, so I'm saying goodnight.
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