Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

As is very common these days, I am again, several days behind on what's been happening in the lives of those on my friend's list. It's also been several days since I really updated what's been going on here.

I actually had Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday off. However, instead of taking advantage and getting some much needed rest, I ended up being busy all weekend. We ended up going to Applebee's for dinner. We also had to go over to a friend's house, since her computer had died, yet again. She didn't get off work until midnight, so it was destined to be a long evening. I joked with Lynn that we'd be there 3 or 4 hours. Little did I know, I would be right. We got home and to bed about 4:30.

The plan had been to get up Saturday morning and make a trip to Louisburg to buy more peaches. Yes, Lynn is having a domestic canning frenzy. Instead, we got up at 1:00 pm. We showered and headed out. It had been raining most of the evening on Friday and poured most of the day Saturday. When we got to Louisburg, we discovered the peaches they had weren't worth the drive. But they did have pears, so we ended up picking up a box. Lynn's mom wanted him to make some pear honey, a recipe her mother used to make when she was small.

On the trip back, we had a little excitement. A car spun out of control, in the pouring rain, in front of us on I-35. Lynn was able to stop without hitting them. As they got turned around and weren't facing us, head on, we started to move again. That's when the real fun started. We heard a crash behind us and a car came flying by us, glancing off the side of the truck. That vehicle came to rest a few feet in front of us, it's back end completely smashed. Apparently, another vehicle lost control in front of us and crashed into the wall.

We spent the next hour, part of the time standing in the cold pouring rain, waiting on the police to finish their investigation. The one car had to be cut apart to get the occupants out, before transporting them to the hospital. The car in front of us, also had someone injured in the back seat. They too, were taken away in an ambulance. We were lucky and neither of us was hurt. We couldn't even see any damage to the truck, in the rain. On Sunday, after the sun came out, Lynn did spot a few scratches down the front fender.

So, we came home and both crashed for an hour or two. Then we got up. As I've already said, Lynn and I worked on canning, most of the night Saturday. We finally went to bed, somewhere around 6:00 am. Lynn had called another orchard Saturday evening asking if they had peaches. The woman said they did, but they were already closed. But we could come out on Sunday.

As usual, plans didn't work out as expected. We both slept in again and didn't make it to the orchard until 3:00. By that time, they only had one box of peaches left. However, we did end up meeting the owner of the orchard, and she told Lynn he could come out and pick pears. He could have any he picked.

After that, we went to mom's for lunch. Well, I guess you can't really call it lunch at 4:30. We left her place and had some shopping to do. I had hoped to get home a little early, since I'd brought work home, for the second weekend in a row. But with not getting home until 9:00, that was blown again as well.

Monday was typical day. Spent the day trying to stay awake, and preparing for hell week. I had some maintenance to do on an instrument, so it was back up and running. It is a backup to the main instrument, which was scheduled to be down for routine maintenance on Tuesday.

My yesterday and today were filled with a customer audit. I do get irritated with these. Everyone just expects me to carry the audit. I'm the one who ends up answering the majority of the questions. So I'm the one responsible for making sure we pass. I guess I must be good at it, since we pretty much sailed through this one. We all went to dinner together, last night at Houston's. Very over priced with only marginal food. But it's on "The Plaza", therefore, it has such wonderful atmosphere. Ok, so I admit, I did enjoy secretly staring at all the cute boys as they walked by.

Tomorrow is another fun-filled day with me tied up in a the bi-monthly technology meeting. I always look forward to those, yeah, right.

Tonight, Lynn and I were kind of bad. As I was leaving work, Lynn called to tell me he was headed up to the orchard to pick the pears. Asked if I would join him. So we spent a could of hours picking pears and concord grapes. As we were finishing loading the truck, and the sun had pretty much set, we both looked at the back of the farmhouse, at the edge of the trees. To our amazement, the cute daddy, who lives there was standing at the back door and proceeded to pull off his shorts and run around naked. We ended up standing there, being voyeurs, for about five minutes until he finally closed the back shades. We're not sure if he realized we were still out there or not. Or if the show was for our benefit. Who knows.

Well, Lynn will be home from bowling, soon. I guess I should try and get something ready for dinner and then bed.
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