Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

A first attempt of erotic writing.

Ok, I decided to give a shot at writing erotic stories. Here is part one.

A Night To Remember

Kevin glanced at himself in the rear-view mirror. "You're getting old", he thought to
himself. After all, he'd be turning 38 in two weeks. Why was he going to the bar, again,
just like every Friday night? "Because, buddy boy, you only have a couple of years left,
before you're 'over-the-hill'".

Yes, it was true, most people mistook him for late 20's, but that didn't stop the nagging
feelings he had. This was going to be like every other Friday night. He'd go to the bar,
sip his drinks while staring at all the cute boys, and go home alone. He'd be frustrated
again and end up jacking off, while fantasizing about the boys he'd never have.

He glanced at the clock on the dashboard. 11:15, well at least he'd beat the rush. As he
turned into the parking lot, he saw it was half empty, just as he expected. And yes, his
favorite parking spot in the corner was still vacant.

As he shut off the key, he looked over and saw another car pull in, a few spots down. He
sat and watched as an extremely cute boy got out. He was probably in his early 20's, with
tosseled, sandy hair. About 5'8", with a slim build and had the cutest bubble butt.

He got out of the car, and the kid looked over and flashed a bright smile his direction, and
then took off towards the bar.

Kevin made his walked the short distance to the entrance. Nobody was waiting in line, but
of course, that wouldn't hit for another 1/2 hour. Bob was at the door, as usual. He liked
Bob. He was always very friendly and gave a big hello to everyone as they entered. Kevin
paid his cover and made his way into the dark caverns of the dance side.

His favorite bartender was working. Ken was always nice to him. Usually had his drinks
ready by the time he made it to the bar. Sure enough, Ken already had his gin and tonic
waiting when he stepped up. "Hi Kevin, how are you tonight?"

"I'm ok. Just another wasted Friday night", he mused.

Ken leaned over the bar and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "who
knows, maybe you'll get lucky tonight."

Kevin thanked him and paid for his drink, including the very generous tip, he always left.
Maybe that was why Ken was so friendly, because he tipped well. Or maybe not, he tipped
Terry the same way, but he was still an obnoxious asshole.

As Kevin turned away from the bar, he saw cute parking lot boy standing a few feet away. He
smiled and nodded his head as he headed for his spot by the dance floor. He turned too fast
to see the kid smile by and mouth "hi".

The crowd was starting to arrive and the bar was filling fast. This looked like it was
going to be busy night. Must be the warm spring night, it had been so cold recently, the
bar had been only marginally full for months.

As he sipped his drink, he noticed it was stronger than usual. "Ken must be trying to get
me drunk", he thought. Or maybe it was just the funk he was in, but the booze was hitting
him hard and fast. The more he drank, the more his inhibitions wavered. He started to feel
bolder than normal. What the hell, he was going to get on the dance floor, tonight. Who
cared if he was dancing alone. He was going to have a good time, even if it killed him.

As the dance floor filled, the DJ started playing an 80's tune. He liked those the best.
They were so much more fun to dance to, than that hip-hop crap, they played on the radio all
the time. He finished his drink and took the plunge out onto the dance floor. As he looked
back, there was parking lot kid, again. Standing a few feet from where he had been.

Again, they made eye contact and exchanged smiles of acknowledgement. About that time,
Jaimie came up behind him and twirled him around. "Hi gorgeous", he squealed, and threw his
arms around Kevin's neck.

He knew Jaimie wanted him, but that screeching voice was just more than he could take, in
large doses. He said hi and tried to pull away, but Jaimie wouldn't let go. He wanted to
dance and wouldn't take no for an answer. Well, Kevin did want to dance, so 1 or 2 with
Jaimie wouldn't be that bad. At least with the music so loud, talking was difficult, so he
didn't have to carry on a conversation with him

He was starting to be intrigued by parking lot boy. The kid kept showing up and smiling at
him. But he could never be interested in some old guy like Kevin. He was probably just
being nice. He turned around to look back where the kid had been standing, but he was gone.
That confirmed it. He had just been letting his fantasies run away with him, again.

The DJ played a couple of high energy techno songs, and Kevin was really starting to feel
the music. He normally didn't allow himself this pleasure, but tonight, he was just
enjoying himself.

He could feel the alcohol starting to wear off and decided he needed another drink. He also
needed to piss. He excused himself from Jaimie and headed for the bathroom. It was empty
when he entered. Of course, that didn't bother him. He wasn't pee-shy, like a lot of guys,
so going at the trough was no big deal. And the fact that, when there were others in there,
you could check them out, was just a nice bonus.

He had his back to the door and was just starting to piss when he heard the door open and
close behind him. He glanced up to see the cute parking lot boy standing across from him.
As the kid undid his pants, Kevin started to get nervous. The kid was fucking gorgeous.
And then he pulled out a big beautiful dick. Suddenly, he was having problems pissing.
This wasn't like him at all. As the kid started to piss, Kevin felt a stir in his loins.
"Oh shit", he thought. He could feel the blood starting to rush to his dick. His big 9
incher was starting to expand.

Kevin felt a rush a blood to his cheeks as he got embarrassed. He quickly tried to repack
himself and zip up, hoping the kid hadn't noticed. But as he looked up, he saw the kid
staring at him, with a huge grin on his face. And then he looked back at the boys cock and
noticed it was growing too.

The bathroom was still empty except for them, and the kid started to move around the trough,

"Hi, I'm Steven", the kid said.

"Hi, I'm Kevin", he choked out. Kevin was having problems breathing. His heart was
pounding. What was this kid doing?

The kid reached over and rubbed his hand up and down Kevin's cock, through the jeans. It
was at full attention now, and straining to be released from it's confines. Suddenly, the
door to the bathroom swung open and several loud, laughing guys stumbled in.

{to be continued}

So, if you read it, any feedback?
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