Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn bought a bushel of peaches at the Farmer's Market, last weekend. He's been canning them, making preserves and spiced peaches all week. He's also turned on his webcam in Yahoo, a couple of times, so people could watch him work.

Last night, when I got home from work, he's doing the spiced peaches and preserves. B* had come over to help out. Of course, the cam was on, and chat windows kept popping up, wanting them to work nude.

Well, he is a little shy, when it comes to the neighbor or his mother watching, so most of the evening, they stayed semi-clothed. Around 2:00, after the friends and family had long gone to bed, the clothes started coming off.

Lynn stripped first. By this time, I had come into the kitchen to help clean up. B* was washing the dishes and I was drying. As soon as Lynn's naked butt came into view, the number of people watching jumped dramatically. His screen was filled with chat windows.

Than B* stripped as finished up the last few pieces in the sink. Everyone kept making requests. They all wanted to see the three way on the kitchen floor. Kept complaining that I was still dressed. So I finally dropped my shorts too. A cute kid in Bakersfield was enthralled at seeing three naked men on cam at the same time. Of course, he had his cam running too. We watched as he quickly shot his load all over his stomach. B* kept stroking my cock, so it would "get all big" for the kid. Then started stroking Lynn's too.

He also went down on me a couple of times, since soooo many people wanted to see some "action"

I did think it was funny. The kid in Bakersfield finally told us, he was 17. At one point he made the request, that the cute kid on the left should grab the ass of the guy on the right. I was the "kid" on the left. Little did he know, I'm old enough to be his father. :( But I obliged and grabbed B*'s butt for the kid.

That was pretty much where it ended. Lynn told everyone goodnight and shut down the cam. They got to see us naked, and playing around, but no actual fucking. Even though several people made that request.

B* left soon after and Lynn and I headed to bed around 5:30. It was a long day for me.

Lynn is heading to Wichita, tonight, to visit his brother. I brought some work home, that I need to get done this weekend, but I'm off, all three days from the night job. So, at least this weekend should be somewhat relaxed; I even slept in until noon, today.

It's raining today, which is nice, since we're in a drought. Lynn and I ran up to Starbuck's, a little bit ago. I did get some bad news while I was out. I kept hearing a sloshing noise as I'd go around corners. When we got to Starbuck's, I looked in the back and discovered, the convertible is leaking and I had about 2 inches of water behind the back seat. Just what I wanted to see. :(
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