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This has been an extremely busy couple of weeks. The night job is short staffed, so they're scheduling all of the part timers, like we're full, averaging 30 hours per week. They are hiring more people, but it takes a while.

Lynn went to Wichita, the first of the week to pick up his little brother at the airport. He'd gone back to Tacoma to visit his foster family and see his mother. Now he's back in South Kansas, with his grandmother.

Now that Lynn is back, he's been "baby-sitting" the neighbor's oldest son, for the last three days. Matt is a good kid, but, since he's only 11, he's full of energy. I think it's wearing Lynn out. I met him, Matt and R*, for lunch today. The server brought Matt two cokes. Lynn wasn't happy with the expected sugar/caffeine hyperness.

I think Matt starts back to school next week, so this is just a short term situation. I asked Lynn the other night, if he now wanted 4 of his own. He didn't find the humor in that.

The temps have finally fallen back below 100°F, today. It's been over 100, everyday for the last week. 94°F is still hot, but it's much better than what we had. We're also under water restrictions, since we're about 8" down, for this year, and 20" since October, 2001. They're saying this is worse than the droughts of the 1930's.

We ended up going out to the new Nebraska Furniture Mart, last Saturday. All I can say is that place is huge. And since it was the grand opening weekend, parking was miserable. We drove around the lot for an hour before we found a place. People were parking everywhere, in the street, on the grass in the adjacent, vacant lots, anyplace they could find. I can see why other retailers are fearful of them.

I did make one purchase, while I was. It was something I've wanted for years, but never broke down and bought. I got a heavy-duty, professional grade Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Now I have to start baking, so I can see how well it works. Brownies, anyone?
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