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It's been a while for me, so I'm not completely sure, but..... There's a new guy at the store. He started a couple of weeks ago. He'd been there 3 or 4 days and came over to my department to ask a couple of technical questions. That seemed innocent enough. But he did seem to linger a bit longer then he should? Anyway, he was in street clothes, since he hadn't gotten his uniform shirts yet. So after our conversation, he introduced himself and said he was working over in the camera department. Shook my hand, (held it a little too long?), and was on his way.

So.....last night......did he do it again?

He had a customer who was looking for webcams. Those are in the computer department, where I work. I was at the faaaaaaar end of the department, but Na* brought his customer all the way down to me, past 4 other computer department guys. So as I'm taking the customer over to where the cams are, Na* is walking behind me and keeps touching my back very lightly. Just his fingertips in the middle of my back.

He is cute. He's tall and thin, with long, wavy dark hair and a beard. Looks to be maybe mid to late 20's. Has that, kind of that yuppy, fringe, grad student air about him.

And even if he is flirting, I don't know that I would do anything. I try to stick to my rule of not dating people I work with. It just causes WAAAAAY too many problems. But the thought is fun and flattering.
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