Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Long week

This has been an extremely long and tiring week. Actually, the last two have been. We're short staffed at the store, so all of the part timers have been scheduled about 30 hours per week. Yesterday was a 10 1/2 day.

Today, I only had a meeting at the store tonight, so I took advantage and slept in until noon. This week, I'm only scheduled 24 hours, but it's every night, Monday through Friday. But then I have next Saturday off. I wonder if I'll have Sunday off too, so I can try and have relaxing weekend.

Not much else going on here. The boss at the day job was on vacation this week, which always helps.

We may finally get some rain. It's been sprinkling for the last half hour. They're saying we MAY get an inch, if it continues to push South. Have to wait and see.

Anyway, ICUII doesn't have much on it, so I'm about to head to bed.
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