Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Yeah, I know, just another work related complaint

Yes, I know, I work too much, and complain about it all too often. And this is just another of those rants.

So the store was stupid and let 3 in the department off on vacation, all at the same time, for 2 weeks. So the rest of us are stuck working an excessive amount of hours. The want everyone to give them an availability, when you're hired. Ok, so I've done that, 3 times? I tell them, I would prefer 20 hours, max, but can do a few over once in a while. Last week was 30. This week is 32. I worked 8 hours on Saturday and 9 1/2 on Sunday. Both days were very busy. And I guess I'm becoming a wuss in my older age, since 22 hours of retail in 3 days is almost more than I can stand. And next Saturday, I'm scheduled for 10 hours. I can hardly wait.

Ok, now the ranting is over. This weekend was boy crazy just about everywhere I went. And the thought that summer is almost over and all this eye candy will be going to school makes me very sad.

I read some of the entries in kebmo2's journal. They made me start thinking about some of the events that have occurred in my life. Some of which, I haven't thought of in years. I may actually try writing some of them down here, just to keep as memories. The closeted life I lived in my teens. Finally admitting to my mother, my true feelings. (And what an ass I was with the way I did it.) The time I was forced/molested/almost raped, but someone I was NOT interested in. I'll just have to sit down and start typing and see what pops out. That is, if I get some free time to just sit and type.

Well, I suppose I should stop procrastinating and get back to work. The boss is on vacation this week, so I am in charge. So I ask myself, should I abuse this and take 4 hour lunches? :)
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