Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I'll jump on the bandwagon

I've seen others do this, and decided what the hell...... I did start this a week ago, but it took awhile to come up with 100 things.

So if you're really bored, here are 100 things about Spudpuppy.

In no particular order

1. Most people think I have two colored eyes
2. Actually, I wear one blue contact and one green one
3. I was a major slut in the 80's
4. I've had sexual encounters with 100's? of men
5. I graduated number 18 of 625 in high school
6. I drive a red Mustang convertible, and love it
7. I have only lived by myself for 10% of my life
8. Most of the time, I am very quiet and shy
9. Most people think I'm aloof and stand-offish
10. I have worked for the same company for 17 years

11. I work part-time for that big blue and yellow electronics store
12. I had pneumonia, twice when I was a kid
13. I blew half my thumb off when I was a kid
14. It was rebuilt and most people don't notice unless I tell them
15. My father also blew three of his fingers off, when he was a kid
16. I maintained a 30" waist for 20 years
17. I have suffered from chronic depression for 25+ years
18. I majored in chemistry in college
19. I was 5 classes short of a physics minor
20. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome

21. I can fall asleep standing up
22. I lost my virginity at 13
23. I lost it when I topped my cousin
24. I topped him 6 or 7 times over the next two years
25. He asked me to stop because it hurt too much
26. I didn't find out about using lube until I was 19
27. I almost never wear my glasses, because they make my eyes look huge
28. I'm basically a shy person
29. I am also a bit of an exhibitionist
30. I have been broadcasting images of my naked body over the internet, almost daily for 4 years

This is really hard. I'm only 1/3 done and I'm running out of things.

31. For the most part, I get along with everybody
32. However, if you piss me off, I can get very obstinate
33. Sometimes I play and chat on ICUII
34. I don't handle being told what to do, very well
35. I am the baby of 3 children
36. My brother is twelve years older
37. My sister is eight years older
38. Technically, I am the 4th child
39. My mother had a miscarriage, the year before I was born
40. I am a geek

41. I've built most of the computers I've owned
42. And several for friends and family
43. I was cross-eyed at birth
44. I had two operations to correct my lazy eye before I was 4
45. I started wearing glasses at 3
46. I wore bi-focals from the age of 12 to 17
47. I started wearing contacts at 19
48. I can only wear "hard" contacts because of my severe astigmatism
49. Sexually, I'm mostly a top
50. I bottomed for several years, because I was too scared to top

51. I have done things in my life, that no one knows about
52. I will probably carry those to my death
53. I was well on the path of being an alcoholic, after I graduated college
54. For about a year, I closed the bars every night of the week
55. I also experimented with several drugs
56. I smoked pot for several years, but it made me very paranoid
57. I also tried speed, but it made me too hyper
58. I mostly took downers, valium and ludes
59. I went to a party one night and was given a phenobarbital on top of alcohol
60. I don't remember driving home, but I do vaguely remember waking up on the drive a couple of times, when I was going through red lights at intersections

61. I tried coke a couple of times
62. It put me to sleep
63. I didn't find the pleasure in it
64. I've been with 6 guys who were HIV+
65. I only knew about 2 until after we broke up
66. With the 4 I didn't know about, we did not use safe sex
67. I am still HIV-
68. I have never had an STD
69. But I did get crabs, once, from my supposedly faithful lover
70. I learned later, he was anything but faithful, for the full 7 years we were together

71. I have had a webcam site for almost 4 years
72. I have never used gay.com
73. I used to frequent public bathrooms for quick sex, when I was younger
74. I didn't visit my first bath house until I was 29
75. I am mostly a dog person
76. But I have been with a couple of people who had cats, and we got along ok
77. I worked part time in a pet store for a while
78. I used to walk around the store with a white rat on my shoulder
79. I was the only one, she would allow to touch her
80. Years later, I met and dated a guy who shopped at that store as a kid

81. He told me, he had nicknamed me ratboy, when he used to shop there
82. Snakes don't really bother me
83. I've had a boa constrictor and a python around my neck
84. But I hate spiders
85. When I worked at the pet store, we sold tarantulas
86. I refused to handle them
87. My only body alteration is a pierced left ear
88. I've thought about doing my right ear
89. I've also thought about piercing my nipples
90. I have no tattoos, but have thought about it

91. I love to cuddle, but most of the people I have been with, didn't
92. I also love to kiss
93. I used to be considered a good kisser
94. But I'm out of practice, I guess I just need to find someone who wants to get me back in shape
95. I started the coming out process at 23, when I told my mother
96. I had been living with a guy for 6 months
97. She pretty much already knew, but she still wasn't thrilled with the idea
98. I have always kept my emotions bottled up inside, I am trying to change that
99. I do tear up at times, but don't let anyone see it

And finally, number 100.......
100. I tend to be a loner. I may only have 1 or 2 very close friends, but lots of
acquaintances. But I am a good listener, and I can be very empathetic. If someone else is in need, I'll bend over backwards to help them. But I very rarely ask for any help in return.

I know, it's a little disjointed. I basically just put stuff in as I thought of it. And I added to the list over the last several days.
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