Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

That was bizarre

I just refreshed my friends' list, and several posts disappeared. However, the entries are still in the actual journals. Ok, who farted at LJ, this time?

This was another workaholic weekend. Worked both Saturday and Sunday, so no relaxation time for me. I did meet R* and Lynn for lunch on Friday. This is starting to become a habit. But it does get me out for a couple of hours.

We met at a different place, this time. The food was pretty good, but the waiter was better!

And of course, the store was filled with cute young eye candy all weekend. I made the comment to Lynn, last night, that I had bee bad. All day long, if I had the choice of waiting on a cute young guy, or someone else......someone else lost out. He said I wasn't being bad, I was just giving good customer service. I told him, that wasn't true, I didn't drop to my knees for any of them.

The only other notable, from the weekend... I did get pissed, when the webcam kept acting up and rebooting my computer. Not sure what the deal was with that, but it was back to working, this morning.
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