Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, so the sail boating on Friday, wasn't.

I left work around 3:!5. so we'd have time out on the lake. When I got home, Lynn had just talked to R*. He was going on up to the lake to get the boat ready. He also knew Lynn still had to exchange work at the clinic and that we'd be an hour or two.

As we were leaving the clinic, R* called and said there was absolutely no wind on the lake and it would useless to take the boat out. But he'd stick around for an hour and see if it picked up. If so, he'd call us to come up.

We headed over and got coffee. Stopped by the store to pick up my schedule for this wee. Than headed to the park to walk Baby. He called back while we were in the park. He said the wind had picked up and if we wanted to go out, to come on up.

He called back a few minutes later to tell us, he had forgotten to pack the tiller for the boat. By the time he would go home and get it, and get back to the lake, it would be too late.

So we invited him back to the apartment, so he could shower and the three of us headed over to......duh, duh ,daaaa, Applebee's. We spent a couple of hours harassing the wait staff and drooling over all the cute boys running around.

After dinner, R* went home and we headed home.

I had to work at the store both Saturday and Sunday. I had a 3:00 to close on Saturday and 11:00 to close on Sunday. So the rest of the weekend was pretty much shot.

I did get one of my headaches, while I was at work Saturday night. By the time I got off, I was fighting the urge to throw up. Lynn called, wanting to know if I wanted coffee, since he was at Starbucks. I told him, no. That as soon as I got out of the store, I was heading home, taking some drugs and going to bed.

I know he got home sometime between 11:00, when I went to bed and 2:30, when I got up to go to the bathroom. He was sitting at his computer, when I went past his bedroom door.
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