Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Watching the clock, dreading the afternoon

Ok, it's 12:20. I'm trying to do stuff at work, but am dreading 1:00. I'm going to be stuck in a 4 hour training session, this afternoon. It's one of those mandatory events, that everyone has to attend. *with a smiling happy face and chipper voice* "We're going to learn about statistical process control" /smiling happy face and chipper voice.

I've only been doing this stuff for 10 years. Yet I have to sit through a class, which is being given to everyone. This is an introductory class, since many of these people have never even heard of SPC. And I'm sure they're going to be thrilled, sitting through introductory statistics.

I've already been to Burger King, so I could get a "King" sized coke. I'll need something to keep me occupied. I'd hate to start snoring during the session.
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