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This is a very interesting weekend. A friend of Lynn's is in from Ft. Collins, Colorado. She is taking an art class and decided to use the two of us as her subjects. She is working on a body sculpture. She did our heads this afternoon. She tried doing on of Lynn's arms, but had some problems with the casting. Since this is for a class, she is learning the process.

We're heading out to dinner now. And then when we get back, she is going to be doing my torso. I asked her earlier, how much she wanted to cast. She said, that depended on how shy I was. I told her about the website and cam. The fact that hundreds, maybe even thousands of people have seen me naked, it doesn't bother me, if it doesn't bother her. So I guess we'll see, once she actually starts applying the plaster, how far she wants to go.

The head, was definitely a strange experience. Having your whole head encased in plaster is very unnerving. I have to admit, there were a couple of anxiety attacks, while I was enclosed. But the whole thing only lasted about an hour. I just hope it is ok, because I'm not sure I could handle doing it again.

Oh well, they're ready to go, so I guess I'll end this here.
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