Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Maybe it's common

Maybe it's a common occurrence for most people, but something happened on Sunday, that I unusual. While were sitting at dinner at Clementines, a woman walked up to the table and asked if I lived in St. Louis. I told her no, I was visiting from KC. She than asked if I worked at Best Buy. I told her yes. She then asked if I recognized her. She did look familiar, but I couldn't place from where. Turns out, she had been visiting her parents in KC, and had been in the store on Saturday. I sold her, her new laptop.

She said she was with a friend, and they were getting ready to leave to go play pool, but that she thought she recognized me. And her friend told her to come over and ask. It was......interesting.....and kind of nice. She's seems to be a very nice lesbian. And it made me feel good that she said she liked what I sold her. And the fact that I made such an impression, that she knew who I was, across a crowded restaurant, on the other side of the state.

And this seems to be the week for interesting events. I logged into Out In Kansas City, this morning. Just to check mail and see who was online. I got a message from a guy in St. Louis, wanting to know if I wanted to hook up today. I messaged back, he was about 2 days too late.
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