Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I arrived around 1:30 this morning. Checked into the hotel and ran over to the Baths, for a soak in the hot tub. We spent about 2 hours there, most of it in the hot tub, since there wasn't really anything there, either one of us were interested in. What was amazing, the front desk guy made the statement, they were packed. I've seen it much busier there. I'm not sure where they had everybody stashed, if they were THAT busy.

This was Pride weekend in Saint Louis. I had forgotten about that until we got here. But since we were in town, we decided to go over this afternoon. There were quite a few cute guys running around. We wandered around for about 3 hours. I had the camcorder with me, and just left it running as we walked. I'm not sure what we got in the way of videos and pics. Have to wait until I get home to review the tape.

After that, we headed over to Clemetines for dinner. The place was packed. I did get groped a couple of times while squeezing through the bar. But didn't really see anything going on, to join in. But that could have been, we just didn't make it to the right corner. :)

We decided it was just too busy there, so we ran over to Central West End for Starbucks and to walk off dinner.

Now we're back at the room. I think we're both going to shower, and get rid of some of the sweat and then possibly run over to Laclede's Landing, or maybe go back to the baths for another soak.

I did get tomorrow off, so we'll be headed back to KC, tomorrow afternoon. Even if we don't get laid, it still a nice get away from home.

Wow, just saw on the tv, Katherine Hepburn died. Another great actress gone.
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