Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, we still haven't heard what the union is going to do at work. Yesterday, the union committee walked out of the negotiations, because they were asked to give us a promise they wouldn't strike in the middle of the night, if the contract didn't pass.

They are still demanding more than the 3% raise they were given, for each year, over the next 5. And a guarantee their insurance rates, copays and deductibles wouldn't ever go up, during the term of the contract.

And that the union committee still wants an extra 20 days off per year to go to national union conventions.

Lynn and I ran down to Westport to get pizza and watch all the drunk boys going by. On the way home, we went through a sobriety checkpoint. No big deal, since neither one of hardly ever drink.

But they still make Lynn blow in the tube. He wanted to ask the cop if he any other tube he could blow on.
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