Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Twink night at Chilli's

Since I had today off, we decided to make it a day of relaxing. Lynn and I were going to the computer sale and show. Lynn called a friend of ours and invited him along. We actually invited his live-in ex?, also, but he was working.

So B* came over around noon so we could all go down together. First stop was of course, Starbucks. Then headed south to the show. Lots of cute guys at the show, as always. We did look at the computer stuff, but it was more boy watching. One of the local radio stations was broadcasting from the show. The DJ who was supposed to be there, is young, cute and gay. I have sent him a couple of emails, and he had said he would send me a "pic" of himself, but never did. I figured it would still be fun to meet him in person.

Turns out, he wasn't there today because he had his wisdom teeth pulled and was in a lot of pain. But I still got a free CD out of the meeting.

After that, we headed over to The Plaza and wandered around doing more boy watching. It turned out to be a nice 3 hour walk in the warm summer sun. I love summer, it always brings out all the cute guys. And the three of us were acting like kids in a candy shop. "I want that and that and that......."

Finally we headed home. Asked B* if he wanted to accompany us to dinner. We would probably go the normal stand-by, Applebee's. But he had to head home, since the dogs had been inside all day.

So Lynn and I headed to the restaurant. As we're sitting in the parking lot, getting ready to go in, Lynn said how about Chilli's instead. It had been awhile since we'd been there. I agreed, so we headed across the street.

What can I say, the place was f**king running over with cute young guys. Waiters, customers, everyone was just gorgeous. No matter which way you looked, the place was filled with eye candy. To say the least, we were both happy with the decision to go to Chilli's for dinner. As we finishing, the waiter came by and asked if we wanted any dessert. We told him no, but commented to each other, we would gladly like any of the desserts we saw in the place. You know, it's one of those delicacies, sausage filled with lots of freshly whipped cream.

On another note, I bought a new cam for broadcasting on the webpage. It's an actual digital camcorder that has built in night vision. Well, I tried it out last night and I'm very disappointed. The pictures look like some sort of impressionistic painting. You can't see shit. So, I guess I'll have to continue burning a light and hope I can sleep through it. However, when there is light, the pictures look really good.

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