Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I work as a manager in a union facility. Ok, unions had a place, 100 years ago. They were critical to the improvement of life for the average worker. Unfortunately, they have now become just as big an evil as the management members they were originally fighting.

So, our guys' contract is expiring. Actually, it was supposed to have expired last Sunday night, but they've extended it. They've been negotiating for a couple of weeks. Finally came to a final agreement and it went to a vote yesterday. Of course the union turned it down. They're demanding more money and guaranteed medical benefits without any future caps on coverage. (Yeah, well I would like that too, but nobodies going give that to me.)

Well, it's been extended again. They've agreed not to strike, and we've agreed not to lock them out, until at least next Friday. Which means, me potentially working strike duty is postponed for at least another week.
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