Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Have we, as a society, become too soft? Too spoiled? Too accustomed to the comforts of modern life?

My air conditioning has been having problems. Well, it's had problems for the last 3 years. Every year, I have to call the complex office, they send someone from maintenance down. He puts in some extra freon, and than hope it makes it through the summer.

This spring has been no different. For me, it isn't too bad, but for Lynn, since he works at home, it does get pretty hot in the afternoon. So, last Thursday, I made the annual call. They came out Friday and put in more freon.

However, by yesterday afternoon, the extra freon didn't seem to be doing much good. The a/c was running non-stop, temperature outside was 81°F and it was 86° inside. Made a call to the office and left a message around 6:00. By 8:00, the temp had gone up to 88° and we made another call to maintenance. He said there was nothing he could do last night, but would be over first thing this morning, to look at it and see if could fix it.

Well, just got a call from Lynn a little while ago. The unit had dumped it's entire freon charge and was empty. So, a new a/c will be installed by 1:00 this afternoon.

So, are we too soft. Air conditioning is a relatively new invention. It's only a little over 100 hundred years old. And was only available to the wealthy few until about 40 - 50 years ago. So how did we survive 90°+ or even 100°+ temperatures without air conditioning, in the past, and now, if it gets much above 80°, we're "dying"?
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