Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, still feeling pretty zonked after the little escapade the other night. What can I say, I didn't get back to sleep after the shooting. And didn't sleep really well, last night, either.

At least it's Wednesday afternoon, so the week is over half over. See I can be an optimist, once in a while.

We're changing coffee services at work again. So, tomorrow morning, no coffee machine, until the new service gets here. Even though it's not the greatest coffee, at least it is provided. It means, I have to remember to stop on the way in to work in the morning. I WON'T make it until noon without any coffee.

The roommate is still looking for employment. I know, this is really frustrating for him. First, to move to California, because of a promised job. Only to have it evaporate once he got there. And then, three months later, have to move back to KC because he couldn't afford to live on the coast. And after a month here, still without work. I hope he finds something soon. He is starting to get really depressed. And I'm the only one allowed to get depressed in my house.

I was reading an article earlier. Said, there have been 650,000 layoffs announced since the first of the year, "but the economy is still doing really good". Yeah, right. It shouldn't go above 5%, well, maybe 6%. So why is everyone complaining? As far as I'm concerned, some of those Wall Street analysts should be laid off. Then let them give their opinions of how good the economy is doing.

Well, I guess complaining isn't going to do any good. So I'll shut up for now.
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