Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Had a major storm pass through earlier. Lots of rain, thunder and lightening flashing across the sky. Even had flash flood warnings around the city.

I was bad earlier. Went out and bought a new camcorder and 35mm camera. The camcorder has night vision, so it will record in total darkness. Now I just need someone to record in the dark. :)

The camera is something I've wanted for quite a while. I used to have one, that I bought while in a relationship. Ok, it was a strange 3 way relationship. One of them was an amateur wedding photographer. So when they went their way and I went mine, I kept the camera. But a few months later, they asked to borrow it for a wedding they were doing. That was about 7 years ago. So I got tired of not having a nice camera to use.

The digital is nice, but I still like having the extra features that only a good slr can provide. And Lynn will be doing some publicity shots for a new movie that is filming in Kansas, so I went ahead and got it now for him to use.

Not much else going on right now. I'm not scheduled to work this weekend, so would have liked to have taken a quick road trip. But, we now have a stupid training session at the store EVERY Sunday night, for the next two months. So I'd have to be back by 7:00. Oh well, maybe I can find something fun to do around here this weekend.

Well, it's about time for bed so.........
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