Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, this was a workaholic weekend. Although, that wouldn't have been my preference if asked.

Worked Friday night at the store. Got out about the normal time around 10:30. Lynn wanted to know if I wanted to run to Starbucks before they closed. So I quickly changed clothes and we ran for coffee. Decided to go ahead and stop in at Applebees, since they're across the street. And also because Lynn had gotten a call from them, earlier in the day.

(Our normal place is remodeling. New bar, floor, light fixtures, the works. Well, Lynn asked what they would be doing with the old "Tiffany" light fixtures. Some are kept by Applebees management, the rest are sold, CHEAP.)

The call earlier in the day was from one of the managers, letting him know, the lights had been removed and if we were still interested, we could come in and get the ones we wanted. They were selling them for $25 a piece.

So we stopped in, had an appetizer and chatted with the crew. Louis, the manager told us we'd have to come back during the day on Saturday, since they were in a storage shed out back, with no lights.

I got to bed somewhere around 12:30. Not good since I had a store meeting at 6:45. Now that was a waste of time. Other than hearing about the party that everyone attended. And how one of the cute boys I work with, had his hand down his pants ALL NIGHT LONG, including passing out, still holding himself. Meeting ended at 10:00, so came home and laid down for a couple of hours.

Got up and we ran back over to Applebees to get the light fixtures. Louis told us we were getting a really good deal, since all the fixtures are hand made originals. And the company originally paid anywhere from $275 - 350 a piece for them. So now have more stuff stored in the garage.

Made it home just in time to change clothes and head back to the store. I had to work 3:30 to close. It was a pretty busy night. Again, got off at about the normal time and ran for coffee.

Yesterday, I was scheduled from 10:00 to 6:30. Ok, an open to close, I don't like them, but I'll work them. So I get there and am getting the department ready to open, when there's customers. What the f**k? It's only 10:00. We don't open until 11:00. Well guess f**kin' what? I'd heard we were changing our Sunday hours to 10:00 - 7:00 in a couple of weeks, at the meeting on Saturday. What they didn't say in the meeting was, we decided to do it early. And because the schedule was based around an 11:00 - 6:00 day, and I was scheduled to be a closer, if we closed at 6:00, it meant I had to stay and close at 7:00 too. So, I got home about 8:15. To say the least, a long tiring weekend.

Didn't even get to go to KC Pride. Yeah, like I would have anyway.

So now it's Monday. And I'm thrilled to be back at the regular job. I have several projects I need to spend time on, but I'm just not very motivated. Procrastination is a terrible thing.
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