Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I guess I just don't get it. Well, maybe I do. I signed up, some time ago, for Out In Kansas City. One of the Out In America websites. Ok, so it's mostly a hook-up, just like gay.com, but sometimes it's nice just to scroll through and look at profiles. And fantasize about all the guys I'm NOT getting.

So, why sign up for a service, and not supply ANY information in your profile? And why not include a pic of yourself. I'm not THAT much of a gambler. Like I'm going to run out and hook up with someone, sight unseen? Sorry, I gave up on blind dates, years ago.

So, does no picture mean you're so unattractive, the mere sight of you causes dogs to bark and babys to cry? Oh yeah, I'm so gonna hook up with you.

Or, are you afraid of being recognized? What are you going to do when we go out on that possible date, and I'm frenching you in front of your boss and mother?

Ok, just a bit of a peeve. I like to see who I'm thinking about doing. That and the fact that, yes, I am a perv and like to look.
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