Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm an addict.

Group Voice: "Hi Mike"

Yes, it's true. I'm addicted to the internet. My access has been temporarily cut off, so I don't have the freedom to check email, or Live journal whenever I want. I think I was actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

And it all stems from those scam emails, this past weekend. Out of fear or stupidity, I changed my account password, after I received the first email. Not a big deal. There is a place at their website for account maintenance. The change was quick and painless.

Now, at home, I use cable access, but when I'm at work, or somewhere, I have a dial-up account. I've had the dial-up for over 5 years. And I just keep it as a backup. It also makes it nice to be able to dial in whenever I want.

I didn't really think about it, when I popped in to work this morning, fired up the dial up and tried to connect. Error 691: Invalid username or password. Oh, that's right, I changed it. So, enter the new password and try again. Error 691: Invalid username or password.

I send an email to their support center, explaining the situation. The response I get back, "sometimes it takes up to 24 hrs for the password change to take effect. Just keep trying from time to time. If the problem persists for more than 24 hrs, contact us again. Thank you"

I'm not sure what part of, "I changed the password, Saturday night", they didn't understand. Or maybe they are in a different time dimension then me.

So, now I wait. Who knows if or when I'll get my connection back. Also, who knows when I'll actually get this entry posted. I'm typing it in Notepad, since I can't use the client. I do have limited internet access through our corporate T1, but it has major filters/limitations. I'm not sure if LiveJournal would be considered an appropriate business website. So I haven't even tried going to it.

So this entry may take a couple of days to get posted. So, for posterity, this was composed at 12:15 pm on 05/27/2003. Now let's see what the LJ time stamp will end up being.


Ok, the situation has been resolved. I'm connected again. (And I feel really stupid) Seems, when I changed my password, I didn't read that really fine print that said, it can only be 8 characters long. So my new 9 character password kept getting rejected when I'd try to log in.

It ended up Lynn, was the one who caught my mistake. The folks at Earthlink had me doing all sorts of things, none of which addressed to root problem, my stupidity.
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