Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, had the day off today. And I used it mostly to relax. Slept in until around 10:30, after staying up until almost 2:30. Went over to mom's for lunch and to do her normal little odd jobs.

After that, ran over to Starbuck's for the normal triple vente latte. Of course, they asked about Lynn. I told them he was still in Wichita, visiting his little brother. Apparently, he was thrilled with his new computer.

Of course, I stayed up way too late. Ended up logging into ICUII. It can be a nice diversion and easy way to release pent up tensions. Chatted with a guy who is in a relationship, but having problems. He commented that sex and even general communication have been non-existent for some time. I told him, if he ever wanted to get away and just talk, to let me know and we could get together for coffee.

He said that sounded like fun. He also commented that he'd like to fall asleep, cuddled up next to me. He said he thought I was cute. But of course, my self opinion blew it off as just being nice.

I rented "Ride With the Devil" and watched it tonight, while doing some stuff for work. Hey, I can multi-task. I kept trying to spot Lynn in any of the scenes, but wasn't able to pick him out. The movie was ok, but not great.

It's back to work tomorrow, after a couple of days off. I guess I'm somewhat rested, but a month away from it all would be great. I can fantasize, can't I?

Well, Lynn just walked in the door. And dinner came out of the oven about 15 minutes ago, so need to get it dished up so we can eat.
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