Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

So Lynn is in Wichita for the funeral today. He left yesterday morning. He'll be in Lawrence tonight to meet some friends for drinks. Then home to sleep before going back to Lawrence tomorrow for the wedding. Then back to Wichita to visit with his brother.

So, I basically have the weekend to myself. I have Saturday off, and will probably sleep in. Don't know about Sunday or Monday. They didn't have next weeks schedule out yet, when I went in last night. But they did ask if I was working the day job on Monday, if not, did I want to work during the day for them? I told them I already had plans. Thanks, but no thanks.

I stayed up way too late last night/this morning. Ended up playing on ICUII until 1:00. As kelrick says, "stupid fag". So I'm feeling extremely sleepy today. As if I need any help feeling tired.

I love that we're getting back into summer. Driving around with the top down at lunch, does help to rejuvenate me, if only for a little bit. Even though it's cloudy today, I had to put it down when I ran out for lunch.
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