Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Up To Date

Years ago, there was a song that told how everything's up to date in Kansas City. I didn't know just how progressive and up to date Kansas City was, until today. I had a couple of hours to waste, in between sessions of the conference, so I called Lynn to get together for lunch. While he was getting ready to come down and meet me, I sat out in the little park next to the convention center to soak up some sun.

While I was sitting there I noticed some strange looking "phone" booths. At first glance I didn't realize what I was looking at. But upon further investigation, I discovered, Kansas City has put in Hot Lines to God. Yes, that's right, we have Prayer Booths. They look just like phone booths, with the same blue and white markings, but instead of a phone, there is a fold out steel kneeling pad and elbow rests. Plus instructions on the inside as to how to use it. And at the very center, there's a piece of PVC pipe sticking out. I guess that's what you're supposed to talk into.

To say the least, everyone else passing by was also very impressed. I sat there for half an hour watching people walk by, take a double-take and go back to look again. Just to make sure they really saw what they thought they saw. One guy actually pulled out his camera to take pictures. I kept waiting for Peter Funt to jump out of the bushes and yell, "You're on Candid Camera." .

I guess they must be something fairly new, since there was a city worker collecting trash out of the bins, who also had to do a double-take. At least all these visitors to our city can go home and tell all their friends how up to date we are.

I also walked down to Starbuck's to get my latte'. There was a really cute hot dog vendor on the corner. I had to wonder to myself, just how hot his wiener was. When Lynn picked me up, I had to make him drive that way, just so he could salivate at the boy also. He was probably about 22, blonde hair, maybe 5'8". Looked just like a California surfer boy, and had one of those butts you just want to grab.

I have one more day of the conference, and then back to work. Some of the topics are interesting, if you find hearing about quality, interesting. There are a few pieces of eye-candy running around to help ease some of the boredom, but mostly it's middle to older age, heavy set, balding men. Of course, at my age, middle age means 50's. :)

Lynn's uncle passed away, Sunday night, so he'll be heading to Wichita on Thursday for the funeral. He was planning on going down over the weekend to visit his brother and take down the computer, anyway. Now he'll be there a couple more days. He's going to a wedding in Lawrence on Saturday, so he may drive back Friday night, go to the wedding on Saturday, and then back to Wichita afterwards. In other words, he's got a busy week of running.
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