Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


The tornados hit KC, this afternoon. Several areas of the Metro area were damaged. I was at work when they hit. Everyone in the store was sent to the back of the store as they went over.

We could hear the hail hitting the roof, and in between power outages, heard there was one that touched down about 3 miles South. It was spotted a few minutes later, about 4 blocks Northeast of the store. Then the power went out and stayed out.

So we all waited in the store for another 30 minutes until the all clear was finally given. They announced that all the customers in the store needed to leave, since we could no longer ring anybody up. And that employees needed to go ahead and close down, in the dark, and go home.

So, instead of working until 9:30, I got off at 6:00.

Since all the storms had passed, and the sun had come out, Lynn and I went for coffee and to Westport. As we were headed home, the next line of storms came through. More high winds, rain and hail hit as we were pulling in the driveway. But it was only small pea-sized hail that wouldn't do any damage.

As we were headed South, we went by a strip center, about 1/2 mile from home, that was severely damaged. Most of the windows were gone, and the back half of the buildings were leveled. We didn't see on the other side of the highway, but supposedly, about 36 homes were damaged.

One new housing development, about 15 miles West of the city, was leveled when the tornados came through.

So, we have had an exciting evening. And I still didn't get to see the funnel cloud first hand.
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