Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I did some running last night. Had a few errands to run, and then we were coming home so he could work. Unfortunately, as we were getting on the highway, there was a motorcycle stopped on the side of the road. He was watching the motorcyclist instead of the road and hit something. Whatever it was sliced the side of his tire and it was flat in seconds.

So we waited on AAA to show up and tow it back to the house. He had a spare tire in the back of his truck, but it wasn't mounted on a rim.

So today we went over and had the spare mounted on a wheel so we could put it on his truck. We also ran down to a local computer store, for the last day of their spring clearance sale. Picked up a couple of new CPU fans for the computers. They're big honken Thermaltake Volcano 11's. Should definitely make the systems run cooler. Stopped at Starbucks on The Plaza for coffee and to see what eye candy was running around.

Got home and I put his spare on the truck before getting ready for work. Worked a 6-10:20 shift and then we ran over to Applebees for a snack. Catch up on what everyone had been doing.

Lynn finally decided to start his own LiveJournal. So I gave him an invite code and he signed up tonight. He's been listening to me talk about it for a couple years now.

Now I'm about ready to head to bed, since I work tomorrow from 12-7.
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