Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Morning irritation

And no, it's not the "morning after chafing".

A couple of weeks ago, an email was sent around, telling all of the management staff, that our corporate purchasing people would be in for a meeting. And that there would be a couple of whole group discussions, plus several break-outs with specific individuals/topics.

I was also informed, at that time, that I was NOT on the list, and wouldn't be attending. Yeah, ok. That's fine with me. I don't really care about their crappy sandwiches, anyway. And wasn't that interested in the topics listed. So, I basically forgot we were even having these meetings, let alone as to the actual date.

I walk in this morning, and go over to the main building to switch out back-up tapes, like I do every morning, But I can't get into the room with the servers because there's a meeting going on. (Since this isn't a huge facility, our server closet is located in the back of the conference room.) I head back down the steps and am confronted at the front office. "You are going to the kick off meeting, right?"

"What kick-off meeting?"

"The purchasing one that starts at 8:00. You have a copy of the agenda in your mailbox". Now understand, I'm having this conversation at 8:05.

I explain that I'm not involved with those meetings. And I was told I was specifically requested to attend.

I was then supposed to meet with one of them, along with a couple of others, for one of the break-out sessions. About 20 minutes before the break-out, one of the other guys calls me up and asks if I'm prepared to talk, since he only found out about at 8:00 this morning also. And since I know more about the subject, I'm elected to speak on our behalf.

So, I attended the meetings. We all just met again for a lunch closing meeting. Yes it was a crappy lunch. A turkey sandwich, chips, dill pickle and a cookie. The chips were those funky thick ones, that taste like they're stale. The pickle was like a rubber doggie chew, and the turkey sandwich had bean sprouts.

And what is the deal with those chips. I've noticed several companies are now producing them. And lot's of people seem to think they're wonderful. I say, they taste like the bag was left open for a week. If I wanted stale chips, I pull the old bag of Lays off the top of the refrigerator.
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