Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Having to wait two weeks for the next QAF really sucks. But tonight's episode was.......interesting. What will happen with our little friends with all these role reversals? And why is Ben sooooo concerned? Is there something in his past he isn't revealing?

On a different topic, I bought a new USB 2.0 webcam the other night. Supposed to be faster, better picture and all around a better camera. So, I try installing it on the main computer. No luck, not a fast enough processor. So Lynn tried installing it on his. Won't work on it either. Both of automatically reboot as soon as you access the cam. I haven't tried it on the XP machine yet. But knowing XP, I don't have much confidence in it either.

So, off to bed soon. I guess Lynn will be home sometime tomorrow night.
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