Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The weekend

Friday night was the boring, laundry, dishes, cleaning. Also ran to the grocery store, to stock back up.

Saturday, had to work during the day, but off that night. Since Friday was a semi-holiday for some folks, Lynn didn't have any work for the weekend. (They closed early and didn't let him know beforehand. So he had nothing to pick up.) So he decided he needed to finish up the rest of the Christmas projects he'd been putting off.

So I threw in Harry Potter/Chamber of Secrets, and we watched it while he worked. Not a bad movie for a "kid's flick". As I've never read the books, and only seen two movies, my take is, there is a standard HP story line. And all of the episodes, pretty much follow that course. There were quite a few similarities with the first movie. But still entertaining. And I know this makes me sound like a real pedophile, but some of those boys are really cute. Makes me wonder, who's wand ends up disappearing.

Yesterday ended up being a catch up on sleep day. Although it wasn't a restful sleep, much tossing and turning and strange, sometimes erotic dreams, I slept/napped on and off for about 14 hours.

Today is back to the grind of another week.
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