Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I stuck my head in the HR Manager's door on the way by, just to say hi. She called me in to her office, for one of those, "close the door, I want to talk"'s.

As the conversation progressed, I made some comment about becoming cynical in my middle age. She responded that it's not being cynical if the attitude it justified by reality. Her opinion is, it's a conditioned response. As I was leaving her office I made some crack about not feeling very Pavlovian.

But as I walked back across the parking lot, it got me to thinking. In reality, I'm not so different from that dog. It may not be a bell, it may not be food, and I may not salivate, but I am conditioned.

Just mention certain names and my temper becomes almost uncontrollable. I not sure I like the thought.

"Ding, ding"
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