Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Got a call from Lynn a little while ago. He's waiting on a call back from his friend R*. They may be getting together for lunch. Asked if I wanted to join them. Or him, if R* can't make it. So, looks like I'll be eating out on the patio at Delaware Market, today. Which is fine, since it's bright sunshine and already 60°F out.

I have tonight off, but it will be spent finishing up taxes for Lynn and me. I knew I was going to be screwed this year, with having the second job. But I really wasn't expecting what it ended up being. Between Federal, 2 states and local KC, I owe almost $3000.

I'm scheduled to work all weekend. Which is getting to be an annoying ritual. I know, it's a part time job, and that is when I'm available. But when it starts being 2, 3, 4 weeks in a row without any days off, it gets very exhausting.

Not much on the personal relationships front. Not that I expect that to change. Fantasy has sustained me for several years already. I guess it can continue. Although, when spring and summer hit, it makes being alone more difficult.

Lynn and I did end up fooling around some on my birthday. I don't know, maybe that was his b-day present.

Otherwise, it's been self-manipulation and hugging the pillow at night.

Oh well, I guess I should try and get some work done, before I head out to lunch.
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