Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, this ended up being a limited computer use weekend. Which means, I didn't check email, livejournal or any of the other usual spots I look at daily.

Of course, that means I'm three days behind seeing what everyone has been up to. It also means getting 164 emails. (I just hit the download button.) Now once all those emails are finished downloading, I will begin the process of deleting the 150 junk mails. I really need to set up some filters.

I spent over an hour, on both Thursday and Friday, replying to all those junk spam sites, telling them to get me off their list. I've often wondered if in replying you are actually causing more to be sent, since they now have a confirmed address.

Other then that, the weekend was mostly spent working. Such an exciting life I lead.

Last night, I had a terrible time sleeping. I couldn't find a position in which my back didn't hurt. Not sure what was causing the pain. Ended calling in to work this morning to say I'd be late, and attempted to sleep an extra couple of hours. The back is still hurting, just not quite as bad.
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