Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

This probably won't go through, since I just saw another message that the chef cluster is down, AGAIN. Why is it always the chef cluster?

I saw someone comment, that chef is where all the free users reside. Well if that's the case, then why did I buy a permanent account? But I don't think that is an accurate statement, anyway. Seems like there are several paid members using chef.

I am really bored at work. There are several things I should be doing, but just don't have any motivation. I did start two new workstation installs, did some paperwork and made a few phone calls. So I'm not being a total slug. (Well at least there isn't a slimy trail behind me.)

One consolation, there's only about an hour to go. But I do have to work at the other job tonight, too. They're being weird again, also. After a month and a half of working less then 15 hours per week, this week I'm scheduled for 26 hours, and only 2 days off. And of course those 2 days do not align with the day job's days off.

I was right. I originally attempted to post this at 15:15 on 03/26/2003.
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