Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Ok, I admit, I do have erotic dreams at times, but the one the other night was disturbing.

Most people know I have a part time job at a major electronics retailer. (I've often wondered if I would get in some sort of legal trouble coming out with the "Turn on the Fun with Best Boy" calendar, or the "Boys of Homo Depot" calendar.)

The majority of the employees, and quite a few of the customers, are high school and college age guys. Just what an old, sexually frustrated guy like me needs to be exposed to on a regular basis.

So, back to the dream, I was at the store. We were having another of those stupid meetings. I walked down one of the aisles, and when I turned the corner, one of the guys was laying on the floor, his sweat pants ripped to shreds, and a couple of the other guys standing over him laughing.

Then I turned to my right and noticed another guy was half naked, sitting on the floor in the corner, lazily playing with himself. The more I watched, the more guys showed up. They now had a keg and were starting to get drunk. And the more they drank, the fewer clothes they were wearing, and the more they were playing with themselves and each other.

All I kept thinking to myself was, this isn't right, you boys are all straight. You aren't supposed to be getting naked and playing with each other.

Then I got really frustrated, when I sat down between two groups of guys, and it was like I was invisible. Other guys kept coming up to both groups and chatted or joined in, but not one person said anything to me.

That was about the time I woke up,

and had to take care of something..........
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