Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I got an e-mail forwarded to me at work yesterday. Since I work for a chemical company, we, as an industry, have become extremely paranoid. (Just like the rest of the US.) But we are scrutinized more than most industries, because of the potential of a catastrophic terrorist attack against us.

So we periodically get these warnings that we're supposed to act on. And when these come out, our upper management jumps on them, expecting us to come up with all of these contingency plans.

Yesterday's alert warned us that 30,000 UPS uniforms had been sold on E-Bay to unscrupulous potential terrorists. And what were we doing to protect our facilities from these individuals coming in and creating havoc.

Of course, I read this and just rolled my eyes. But a few minutes later, my boss was in my office asking for how I would suggest handling the situation. Well, being the cynic I am, I gave some flippant answer about, well at least the UPS trucks aren't being sold on E-Bay also. He wasn't amused and walked out of my office to try and formulate his response.

About an hour later, another e-mail was circulated, saying, oops, we made a mistake. This was all just a hoax and there weren't really any uniforms sold. So carry on.

I am amazed sometimes, that these stupid fucks are actually capable of running a business.
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