Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Turbo Tax Support sucks

I've used TurboTax for several years. Their product is pretty good, and I've been satisfied, but this year has been such a headache, I won't be using them next year.

First of all, they have adopted the Microsoft attitude of guilty until proven innocent and require product activation, "so you can't steal our software". Which loads spy ware on your computer. Although, they say you can remove it after activation.

Then, because I work in one state and live in another, I have to purchase two state modules. No big deal. So I placed my order and got everything in. I went to install it last night. Turbo Tax installed and activated. Ok. Installed the first state, no problem. Went to install the second state and "In order to install a second state you will have to contact Intuit to purchase at $29.95". What? I already bought it.

So, I go to their website. Which is Soooooo Helpful. Finally try their online live chat support. Guy tells me to call customer service to get an unlock code. Of course they're closed.

So I call today. It's an automated menu. If I want to buy something press 1, for customer service press 2. Ok, so I press 2. To which I get a message that all answers can be found on the website, but if I want to speak to a support representative I will need get a pin number from the website. So I go to the website. Yes, you can get a pin number for $14.95 per support session. WTF?

Back to live chat. This time I get a different customer service number. Again, the automated voice telling the options. Again, the customer service option tells me to go to the website for frequently asked questions, live chat support or email support. Well, first of all, the FAQ says I have to pay the $29.95 for the additional. The live chat folks can't help with this problem. And nowhere on the website, does it give a single email address. Or if they do, it is so buried, I wasn't able to find it.

I finally had to call to "place an order" in order to actually to talk to a human. By this time, my temper is getting the best of me. He, of course is, a typical condescending order taker. But he does give me the code.

After spending $125 on tax software, I think they should make it a bit more friendly. Or, at the very least, include instructions in the package that say, since you bought two states, you'll have to contact to the order desk at this number to get unlock code, instead of making you do an excruciating search to get what you paid for.
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