Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

As usual, I'm about four days behind finding out what everyone on my friends list has been up to.

This weekend turned out to be very tiring, but interesting. And as usual, I'm exhausted for the first workday of the new week.

Worked a 9:30a-3:30p shift at the store on Saturday. Lynn had asked a couple nights prior, if I would mind accompanying him on a trip to Wichita, this weekend. I told him I had to work Saturday, and might have a meeting Sunday night. Well, checked on the meeting and it had been cancelled. That just left working on Saturday. He said that was fine, we could leave as soon as I got home.

I chuckled and told him, we'd end up leaving much later than that. I know us too well. And I was correct in my assumption. We finally got on the road about 6:00.

Now this was planned to be a full trip. He wanted to visit his grandfather in the nursing home. Needed to spend more time than the last trip down. (The last time we went down, we ended up spending the night in Oklahoma City, before driving back to Wichita. Which meant, he only got to spend about 1/2 hour at the nursing home. Of course, none of his family know of the detour.)

He also needed to stop by his great aunt's house, to drop off some stuff he'd bought for them. He also wanted directions on how to get to his grandmother's house.

Now, I can't really go into all the details, since this is his life, but, I can say, he has a somewhat dysfunctional family, and not the greatest childhood. His biological father did suffer from some brain problems, but after his mother and father split, he hadn't had hardly any dealings with the man. Now, there was a family reunion, of sorts, about 16 years ago. At that reunion, Lynn met his newly born half-brother. (His father had remarried.) And saw his father for the first time in 18 years.

That reunion was the last time he saw, his father, his grandmother or his little brother, until yesterday. To say the least, the was a lot of apprehension, on all sides, but, for the most part, the meeting went well. They exchanged email addresses and plan on starting to get to know each other.

His brother is a very cute young man. And appears to have had some good influences in the foster home he was living in. He's extremely polite and well mannered. He's also very soft spoken, and mostly sat on the side and let his grandmother do all the talking with Lynn.

Well, with all of the things we had to do , and the 6" of snow that fell on Wichita yesterday, it was a very long and busy day. We finally left his grandmother's house at 6:30. She lives about 30 minutes from Wichita. We got home at 1:30 this morning. So what should have been maybe a 4 hour drive, ended up being a 7 hour drive. And we did have a couple of very close calls where we weren't sure if we would wreck or not. I must compliment Lynn on doing a very good job on keeping us from crashing.

So, now I'm at work. Have already completed several outstanding tasks, from last week. Still have one major project I need to get working on before Friday. Since I'm supposed to present the results in a meeting Friday morning.

Oh well, back to work.
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