Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Weekend Retrospect

When we last saw our hero, he was caught in the grips of a giant man-eating scorpion. No, that's not right. He was saving a Baywatch boy babe by giving him mouth to mouth. No, that wasn't him, either. He was being dutifully praised by all the inhabitants of the Everhard Boys Home, for keeping the home out of the hands of the that dirty land-grabbing scoundrel. That's still not right.

So, where was our hero?

Oh, that's right, living his boring, mundane existence, ranting about some inconsequential event in his life. So his life and story line haven't changed.

The weekend was filled with mostly working. Black Friday consisted of working at both jobs. Not that it would have mattered, since I don't have a BF anyway.

Worked the part time job during the day on Saturday. Nothing spectacular, same parade of cute boys, who I can't have. Saturday night, Lynn and I made our normal weekly trek to Applebee's to flirt with everyone there. It was a good night for eye candy.

Sunday was lunch at mother's. She made some kind of tortilla casserole, which to be blunt, could provide enough gas to power a small SUV for a week. And she sent the rest of it home with me, "for dinner".

After that, had to go to one of those stupid store meetings to be bitched at again. This time, the topic was, "If things don't change in the next 30 days, and we're the number 1 store in the region, the department supervisor and senior will both be gone." Ok, same story, different actors. When asked my opinion, I told them I was tired of these stupid meetings. We keep having the same meeting and expecting different results. They promised this time it would different. Yeah, right.

Monday, was a much needed sleep in day. Although I didn't take full advantage of it, like I should have. Still had to work at the store Monday night.

So for a three day holiday weekend, there wasn't much excitement. Let's see, had Starbuck's lattes 5 times, wanked 3 times, saw about 100 cute boys...... Ok, the weekend wasn't THAT bad.
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