Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

It's Friday......Yay?

I sitting at work, thinking how I'd much rather be at home, snuggled up in a warm bed. It was only 4° outside this morning. It's gotten up to about 17°, now.

I work both jobs, today, but I'm off tomorrow. Won't know about Sunday until I go in tonight and pick up next week's schedule.

We're going to the super computer sale, tomorrow. Hoping I can pick up a couple of newer, faster, inexpensive laptops to replace the P120's I have now. They're ok, and they have served me well, the last couple of years. But they are starting to really get on my nerves, because they're so slow. It's amazing how we get spoiled. I can remember when a P120 was a "fast" computer.

I'm being bad at work. I've got a cute blond boy's webcamsite, running in the background on my computer. So I can keep flipping over to watch him sitting at the computer in his underwear. Of course, it would be better if he were naked, but..... I guess this isn't "jerkatwork.com".
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