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I've been reading in virtualexile's journal about some issues occurring in his nudist group. Apparently, they have established rules of who can and can not be a member. One of which is an age restriction. Because of some discontent with the old maximum age limit of 40, the group decided to raise the age limit to 50. Now the younger members are complaining they don't want "old" people in the group and are resigning.

This whole discussion made me think about when I was in my early 20's. I can remember how we all thought someone in their late 20's was old, and if you were over 30, you might as well be dead. 40 or older, you were automatically labeled a troll and comments of "why don't you stay at home, and out of everyone's sight" were commonly heard at the bars.

Although, I don't think, today's youth is quite as harsh, as we were, this general attitude still exists. Which means, I'm one of those trolls no one wanted to associate with, when I was a young 20-something. I guess that is one of the main reasons I haven't been out to the bars in a couple of years. In the back of my mind, those thoughts still exist. And I don't want to be the subject youthful disdain.

This may also partially explain, why my tastes in the male form have broadened, over the last few years. Yes, I still find cute young twinks very attractive, but I also now looking at men who are older. They no longer HAVE to have a gym god body. And leather guys, who scared me in my youth, I now find masculine and appealing.

Or, maybe as I mature, I have discovered there is beauty in places I overlooked as a youth. I have often mused with others, how I would love to be 22 again, but know what I know now. But then I wonder, would I really do anything different? Or would my youthful insecurities and ageist and elitist attitudes return?

I really don't think of myself as "old", well not until I look in the mirror and see the graying hair. Or when my body aches from creaky joints. Or the fact, I now have to wear 31" waist jeans, instead of 30. And the abs now have a bit of a bulge at my sides. And I don't really care for "pop" music, since it is now mostly hip-hop and rap, which I don't consider music.

OMG, rereading the previous paragraph, I AM OLD!!!! I have become my parents generation. Oh God, just shoot me now!
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